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What You Can Expect from WordPlay Editorial:

WordPlay Editorial Services

Many people don’t know what to expect when they hire a freelance editor. You can be sure that I will:


  1. Ask you a lot of questions about your piece to help me understand what you’re trying to get across to the reader.

  2. Respect your voice and vision. As a freelance editor, my job is not to impose my vision on your piece of writing. My job is to make sure your vision is coming across on the page as effectively as possible.

  3. Suggest possible changes to structure or phrasing if something isn’t working.

Here are the services I offer:

The Big Picture 

I’ll evaluate your manuscript and let you know the general areas that need improvement in terms of character, plot, theme, etc.


The Nitty-Gritty 

I’ll offer broad stroke comments along with detailed line edits, pointing out potential problems at the sentence level.


Queries and Proposals  

I’ll help you craft a query that best sums up your project and put together a proposal package to send to publishers or agents.

WordPlay Editorial Services Offered


WordPlay charges for most projects on an hourly basis of $75/hour. Flat rates may be offered for more complicated projects.

“During the twenty years that I have known Michele, she has thoughtfully and patiently answered my many questions. More importantly, she has challenged me to answer the questions that my manuscripts have raised. Her warm and approachable manner, her wealth of knowledge, and her vast experience in the business of writing make her a first choice when looking for personal editing or for a workshop leader.”

—MaryJo P. Glover, author of  I Bite the Bad Guys – A Tale of the Korean Tiger

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