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I offer workshops tailored to your specific needs—either in person or via Zoom, a digital platform used for “virtual” meetings. Workshops are interactive and may involve feedback from me on your work. 

Writers Workshop

Potential workshop topics include:

The Hook

What do agents and editors mean when they talk about it and why is it so important? We’ll examine effective “hooks” in well-known children’s books and I’ll offer you some tips on how to craft an effective opening.

Memorable Characters

Does your character have staying power? Will a reader remember your character long after they’ve finished reading the book? We’ll look at the essential qualities of memorable characters and you’ll have the opportunity to test the staying power of your own characters.

To Revise or Not to Revise?

Many writers don’t know what to do with the feedback they receive from an agent or editor. We’ll look at when it’s appropriate to revise and how to go about revising effectively and thoroughly. 

If you’re part of a critique group and would like me to lead a workshop, contact me and we’ll discuss options.​

Here’s what workshop participants have to say:

 “Michele's virtual workshop was a joyful experience for our group of mixed-genre writers (picture book to YA/NA). She gave us, individually and collectively, a kick in the pants and bees for our bonnets, and the benefits have not diminished over time. Her depth and breadth of editorial experience, plus her enthusiasm for writing and writers, make her the perfect mentor.”

—Susan Pochapsky 

“My writers’ group had a weekend workshop with Michele. Her attention to detail while critiquing and knowledge and professionalism helped each one of us polish our manuscripts. I would highly recommend Michele as an editor.”

—Marcy Collier

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